Xantana (Espesantes) by Texturas (600g)


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Xantana is a new product that will add substance to your dish. For years, starches and flour have been relied upon for thickening agents, but the disadvantage is that a large quantity has to be added, which ultimately affects the final taste. This Xantana comes from Albert and Ferrán Andrià – highly praised creative chefs of the world-renowned El Bulli restaurant in Catalonia, Spain. The Andriàs have created this amazing Xantana, which offers a natural way to thicken kitchen preparations without distorting the characteristics of the initial taste and flavor, while only requiring a minimum amount.

Suggestions: Perfect for thickening sauces, creams, juices, and soups without affecting their flavor. Mix with a great stock.


More About Xantana

Xantana is obtained from the fermentation of corn starch with a bacteria (Xanthomonas campestris) found in cabbage. The result is a gum with great thickening power. It also has notable potential as a suspensoid, which means that it can maintain elements in suspension in a liquid without their sinking into it. It can also retain gas.


  • Available in refined powder form.
  • Soluble cold and hot.
  • It can thicken alcohol.
  • It is highly resistant to freezing-unfreezing processes.
  • Although temperature is applied, it does not lose its thickening properties.
  • Shake slowly and allow it to hydrate alone.
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