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Whole Frozen Rabbit by Pel-Freez (Arkansas)


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Create an original meal around a roasted Whole Rabbit. Rabbit meat is lean and mostly white. Like most Rabbit farms across the US, Pel-Freez farms in Arkansas raise a cross-breed of California/New Zealand rabbits on alfalfa. Rabbit meat has been recommended for heart disease patients, the elderly, low sodium diets, and weight reduction diets. An unexpected fact is that, rabbit meat naturally has a low risk of containing viruses; many zoos feed their lions whole rabbits.

Cooking any type of rabbit meat with moisture is ideal. To enhance flavor and to increase tenderness, use a marinade on the meat before cooking and cook with low moist heat, such as stewing or in a crock pot. Onions, garlic, and various spices, herbs, and specific vegetables will add flavor. If serving roasted, we like to accompany the Whole Rabbit with a traditional Thanksgiving bread stuffing elevated with the inclusion of Porcini Mushrooms.

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About Pel-Freez

The history of Pel-Freez began humbly in 1911. A pregnant rabbit named Betsy Ann was given to the son of Herman Pelphrey, a local resident. The rabbits born to Betsy Ann grew, bred, and eventually the back yard of the Pelphrey’s home was overrun with rabbits. In time, Herman would turn the dilemma into an opportunity.

He first sold fresh rabbit meat to his neighbors. When the demand proved to be sustainable, he set his goals higher. By 1918, he was marketing the meat to the public under the name of the “H.F. Pelphrey Company.” Operations continued unchanged until 1936 when the firm began to explore the production and marketing of frozen rabbit meat. Delayed by the advent of World War II, the marketing of frozen rabbit meat didn’t become a reality until 1947 when the “Pel-Freez” name was developed to emphasize the “frozen” meat.

Pel-Freez is the oldest producer of rabbit meat in the USA and currently the largest. Harvesting fresh meat weekly, Pel-Freez is able to offer specific cuts.

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