Whole Piquillo Peppers

Whole Piquillo Peppers by Dantza

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These little Whole Piquillo Peppers are an integral part of Spanish cuisine. Their flavor is sweet and lightly concentrated from resting. Similar peppers from Peru are sold under the Piquillo name, but ours are 100% the real deal from Spain.

Suggestions: While great stuffed or cut into strips, many chefs find that a simple puree of these and a Spanish olive oil make the perfect accompaniment to a simple grilled octopus or steak dish.

Serve these Whole Piquillo Peppers as a side appetizer.


About Dantza

Conservas Dantza SA distributes fruits and vegetables. This Spanish Company supplies tomatoes, red peppers, peaches, artichokes, asparagus, olive oil, and green vegetables. Conservas Dantza offers services throughout the world.

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