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White Shoyu by Takuko (Japan)

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Though rare, white soy sauce (Shiro Shoyu), White Shoyu has a long tradition in Japan. Cleaner and thinner than typical soy sauces and light amber in color, this White Shoyu by Takuko infuses wonderful flavor without darkening the color of foods. Because of its sweet subtle flavor, white soy sauce is a favorite of chefs and mixologists looking to add a hint of soy without overpowering the flavors of other ingredients.

Try this with Sushi Rice or Kanzuri Paste!


About White Soy Sauce

Shiro (white) soy sauce is more subtle than traditional soy sauce (Shoyu) as it requires more wheat and has a lighter color and sweeter flavor. The wheat is roasted in hot sand until it turns a copper brown in color and yields a fragrant aroma; once coarsely milled to resemble cracked wheat, a small amount of steamed soybeans are mixed in with the fragrant, roasted wheat and to finish, inoculated with koji seed.

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