Verjus Du Perigord(Green Grape Fruit Wine Vinegar) 25.4Fl OZ


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Verjus Du Perigord (Green Grape Fruit Wine Vinegar)

Verjus du Perigord will add sophisticated taste while enhancing the natural flavors of all foods, savory to sweet, cooked and raw. Verjus is the ideal vinegar choice when the menu is wine-oriented. Made from tart fresh juice of wine grapes, Verjus can be used as a substitute for lemon juice…

Suggestions: Use in sauces, to poach meat or fish, or to dress salads, vegetables, and fruit. If making a vinaigrette, we like to whisk Verjus with a Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

From the Artisan:
To use in place (or addition to) of Lemon Juice, Balsamic, or Red Wine Vinegar or Rice Wine Vinegar.

This centuries old ingredient is used in place of vinegars in your favorite vinaigrette recipe, splashed over fresh cut seasonal fruit, steaming vegetables, or light white fish, and great for deglazing pans. Use in risottos and rice, as a bath for fish from salmon to clams. Use as a marinade for red or white meats, including chicken and pork. If you usually use Lemons, Lime, or Vinegars, try Verjus instead for a gentle acid that does not overtake the existing flavors in your dishes. Heighten rather than mask flavors in cooking.

Verjus is made from the thinning of semi-ripe organically grown wine grapes in our vineyards during veraison. Thinning these ‘green’ grapes or veraison is an essential viticulture practice when growing premium

A deposit can be appear in the bottle or at its bottom. This is natural and does not harm the quality.

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