Black Truffle Pâté by La Rustichella (Italy) 280g


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This Black Truffle Pate is a cream that takes the right balance of miscelanza between the black truffle, porcini mushrooms, and mushroom. It is an excellent triptych for crostini, bruschetta, quiche, pasta also stuffed, red meats, game, and roasted fish, boiled.

Suggestions: This Black Truffle Pate is best enjoyed as a spread, mixed with pasta or risotto, and in sauces. When making pasta with this, try it with Organic Durum Pasta by Baia.


La Rustichella

La Rustichella was founded in 1986 on intuition by Sergio Brugnoli, president of the company. It originates in a symbolic place for the production and collection of black truffle in central Italy: Norcia (Umbria).

His managerial policy, marked by creativity, professionalism, and constant search for quality, has enabled the company to achieve increasingly ambitious and important goals, to become a leader in the field and present proudly in international markets.

Fundamental was also the collaboration and spirit of sacrifice of his wife and sons who work with him with skill and enthusiasm.

The new corporate structure, inaugurated in 2008, including one establishment, with its 2500 square meters, is the most innovative and technological that exists in the food industry and a refined and elegant showroom, where you can taste and learn about the company’s products.

Philosophy: The work they do is rooted in the ancient traditions of their country and of their family, the Brugnoli family.

Although it is difficult to follow these ancient teachings with honesty, passion, and professionalism, in the respect of what Mother Nature gives them, they strive daily to live in harmony with it, so caring and attentive.

The product, their philosophy is called: “The Rustichella.”

Through it, they do get to you the scents, flavors, and colors of their extremely generous land…
All their products are collected, processed, and packaged in their country: Italy.

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