Tea Salad Dressing by Yoma Myanmar 6oz/170g



The Myanmar pickled tea and salad is an emblem of the food and culture of our nation for the past hundreds of years, and Yoma Myanmar wishes to give your dish the very best.

Imported from USA

Burmese Traditional Tea Salad Dressing, No MSG, No GMO, No preservative added.100% all naturals, Imported from Myanmar,
U.S FDA registered. Recommended to buy Assorted Mix Beans to make Burmese traditional tea salad. The tea is naturally
fermented from Northern Shan State. Just add handful amount of chopped lettuce, tomatoes, lemon juice, salt (or) fish
sauce, hot chili (optional) and make sure to add crunchy condiment (if you couldn’t get Assorted Mix Beans) such as
roasted peanut, sesame seeds, fried garlic, walnut, cashew nut. TOSS UP and ENJOY.Use as regular salad dressing for all
your favorited salads. But don’t forget to try Burmese way.

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Weight 2 lbs