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Vanilla Bean of Tahiti by Tahitian Gold – 1 Bean


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Floral. Fruity. Sweet.

Most vanilla beans are dried to 18% moisture to avoid growing mold. Tahitian Vanilla Beans are naturally immune to mold and therefore can be left with 45% moisture which yields a more potent vanilla bean. Having studied vanilla from all origins, Manuata Martin and his brother are passionate about their trade and grow these rich-flavored Vanilla Beans in Tahiti and send us the cream of the crop.

Suggestions: Try placing these Tahitian Vanilla Beans, or just one, in a Bottle of Maple Syrup for a delicious spin on a breakfast treat.


About Vanilla Beans
Introduced to Europe in the 1520s, but not cultivated until 1841, vanilla beans grow on a type of orchid vine. There are two primary species: Tahitian vanilla (Vanilla tahitiensis), which is native to the island and also grown in Papua New Guinea; and Madagascar vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), more commonly known as Bourbon vanilla, which is the majority of the world’s vanilla and native to Mexico.

Meanwhile, most vanilla flavoring found in a variety foods, such as ice cream is synthetic. The reason being, vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron because growing the vanilla seed pods are very labor-intensive. However, nothing beats the natural distinctive flavor of an authentic vanilla bean.


About Tahitian Gold

“Tahitian Gold® is more than our name. It’s our “Gold Standard” – superior taste and quality that makes Tahitian Gold® the vanilla of choice for master chefs and culinary institutions, gourmet cooks and food connoisseurs. “It’s all about the Bean.”

Solid Gold Innovation: Our exclusive Ground Vanilla Beans are unique in the industry; developed over many years using our proprietary cryogenic process. Our exquisite Ground Vanilla preserves whole bean freshness and flavor in a way never before possible. It’s the key ingredient in our Sofi Award-Winning Tahitian Vanilla Sugar, Whole Vanilla Bean Paste, and Tahitian Vanilla Fleur de Sel.

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