Spring Valley Ibérico de Bellota Pluma (Avg. Weight 0.6-0.8 lbs)


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The pluma is a cut from the end of the loin, and is juicier than the presa steak or the solomillo tenderloin. Pluma is fairly thin, but leaner than the ‘secreto’ skirt steak.

Ibérico de Bellota pluma is a cut of pork from black Ibérico pigs that range freely across the extensive ‘dehesa’ oak forests of southwestern Spain. There they feast on huge amounts of sweet acorns and natural grasses. This special diet lends an incredibly complex flavor to the pork, and all that exercise allows the meat to be marbled with beneficial fats.

This Iberico Meat can be seasoned with Maldon Sea Salt.

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Weight 1 lbs