Sparkling Spring Water by Lurisia (Italy) 16.9fl oz (500ml)



Discovered in 1917, at an altitude of 1460m/4829ft the spring “Fonte Santa Barbara di Lurisia” is located in Piedmont at the base of the Italian Western Alps. The inherent light character of this naturally pure, spring Italian Water makes it the ideal choice for your daily drinking needs.

Today the town of Lurisia is the site of a modern hydro-spa that has become a destination for individuals seeking health, beauty, and relaxation.

Suggestions: This Italian Water will go well with cheese like Parmigiano (Parmesan) Cheese served on one of our Cheese Slates.

Artisanal Foods sells Two Types: Natural Spring Water and Sparkling Spring Water (Carbonated Spring Water); packaged in glass bottles.

About Lurisia

Lurisia is a Member of the Fine Water Society.

The spring “Fonte Santa Barbara Di Lurisia” is located at the base of the Northern Western Alps in the Italian Region of Piemonte. Discovered in 1917, it was first analyzed and approved by M. Marie Curie, Nobel Prize winner for physics and chemistry. The intrinsic characteristics of this very light spring water have been enjoyed in Europe for many years, and since 1989, Lurisia has also been available in the United States. Since its discovery, Lurisia has been exclusively bottled at its source, never purified, filtered, or treated in any way.
pH: 6.6; TDS: 35mg/l

Even before the miner brought to light the spring and science could evaluate the beneficial quality of its properties, the popular observation was that “di Lurisia l’acqua ogni piaga lava” meaning that Lurisia water washed away every wound. All the people from Lurisia knew, in fact, that this water had notable, but unexplainable, skin healing powers. Firstly, they had discovered this by observing that wounds on their animals’ hooves soon healed if, during work, they crossed the Lurisia stream. Furthermore, the stone-cutters of the losa caves traditionally cured skin wounds with a greenish mineral, found in the layers of rock of the town.

About Fine Water Society

FineWaters represents the Fine Water category, educating the consumers, the media, and F&B professionals about water not just being water.

The Fine Water Society was founded in 2008 to create a global forum and to further enhance the visibility of Fine Water and convey the idea that water is not just water but a natural product with terroir and unique characteristics.

All Fine Waters are Premium Waters but not all Premium Water is Fine Water and membership is per invitation or nomination only.


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