Spanish Sardines

Sardinas in Olive Oil by Ortiz (Spain)


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Plucked fresh from the sea during their migration, these Spanish Sardines are taken fresh from the docks to the processing plant, where they are cleaned, lightly fried, and packed in Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

Just like Ortiz’s anchovy fillets, Ortiz’s sardines are prized for their flavor and for the sustainable, old-world practices used to preserve, pack, and jar them (see the seafood landing page for this family-run company’s details). Unlike anchovies, which are preserved raw in sea salt, Ortiz’s Spanish Sardines are first fried in olive oil before being hand-packed with the same care as Ortiz’s other items.

Suggestions: Serve them on crackers (like these by Rustic Bakery) with high-quality dijon mustard; blend into salad dressing; combine with scallions and vinegar as a spread similar to tapanade; or enjoy them straight from the jar.

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About Ortiz

Located in San Sebastian, Spain, near the French border, Ortiz produces some of the world’s finest packaged seafood. Committed to sustainable practices, they only purchase line-caught fish, so there’s no issue with over catch. Family owned and operated since the 1890s, Ortiz relies on its unique old-world methodologies, as many of the packers’ families have worked at Ortiz for three, even four generations. The factory is located only a moment from the central docks and seafood auction of San Sebastian. This allows Ortiz buyers to inspect the seafood each morning as the boats return to dock. They buy only the highest quality, which is then transported to the factory.

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