Spanish Legumes/Judion – 2.2 lbs


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Dried Judion Beans are big, huge, buttery white Spanish Beans from Spain. They take several hours to cook, but the results are worth it. Simmer slowly with serrano ham hocks and your favorite sausages for the best white bean stew you’ve ever had. Cooked beans are perfect for tapas, bean-based spreads, or adding to paella.

Try tossing cooked Judion Beans with Marques de Valdueza Olive Oil and salt for a simple salad.

All beans are healthful, and studies show a strong correlation between consuming beans and living a long life. We offer many varieties of heirloom beans so that we can give these once humble legumes the attention they deserve. Spanish beans, French beans, and American beans are diverse and fun.

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Weight 3 lbs