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Brontedolci Pistachios -Shelled (Sicily) 100gr


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Bronte Pistachios (Pistacia vera) are known for their intense vibrant green coloration – unlike the more yellowish pistachios that grow in other regions of the world. Brought to Sicily in the middle ages by the Arabian army when they took the island from Byzantine around 902 AD, Bronte pistachios are considered the world’s best and many believe they have 3x the flavor than that of your standard pistachio. Furthermore, Sicilian Pistachio represents less than 1% of the world’s pistachio production which makes them extremely special.

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About Bronte Pistachios

Yes, pistachios really do grow on trees, but the tallest ones reach only about six feet. The trunk and branches of the pistachio tree are thin and scraggly looking and believe it or not, the tree rarely has leaves. In fact, leaves only appear when the tree is fruiting – when the nuts appear. And, this only happens every other year. Brontese farmers perceptively noticed that pistachio trees give higher quality nuts, along with a greater yield, if allowed to skip a year of harvesting. They found that if the tree rests one year, it has more vigor to produce the prized fruit. Hence, on the off year the Brontese farmers prune all the buds from the pistachio trees, thus eliminating not only the leafing of the tree, but the opportunity to harvest the nuts. The following year they allow the fruit to grow normally and harvest the world-renowned nuts.

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