Siberian Sturgeon Caviar by Caviar Russe


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Sustainably harvested Siberian Sturgeon Caviar.

This caviar is small to medium in grain and ranges from dark mahogany to black in color. It carries a clean and robust flavor.

Origin: Acipenser Baerii



About Caviar Russe –

“Caviar Russe proudly supplies the exacting requirements of the most demanding connoisseurs by offering a unique and unsurpassed selection of the finest first quality caviar available, including Osetra, Beluga, and American caviar, directly sourced and discriminately selected from each harvest. We are the largest supplier of imported caviar to the United States. All of our caviar is sustainably sourced and hand-packed fresh from large format original caviar tins.”

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 6.35 × 6.35 × 3.8 cm
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