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Paella is a Spanish rice dish originally from Valencia. Paella is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine. It is made using the sofrito and then adding squid and prawns (or any seafood you prefer). It has a very strong taste as it takes on the flavour of the seafood.

What is included:

1 – Paella Pan (32 cm) – This authentic Spanish paella pan serves 4-6 people. Made in Spain with high quality, polished carbon steel and rubber coated handles.

1 – Octopus in Olive Oil 4oz (111g) –  The highest quality ingredients are used to produce octopus that is moist, tender, and uncommonly flavorful.

1 – Cockles in Olive Oil 4oz (111g) – These delicious Spanish berberechos, also known as cockles or baby clams, come from the Atlantic coast Spain, Portugal and France, areas renowned for rich marine life. They are hand-packed fresh from the ocean in Galicia, Spain, in traditional Spanish style with nothing more than a touch of sea salt, yielding plump, tender and flavorful berberechos.

1 – Mussels in Olive Oil 4oz (111g) – These mussels are exquisite right out of the can, in salads, on sandwiches or paellas. They also pair well sautéed with onions and roasted red peppers and a garnish of parsley and lemon.

1 – Paella Sofrito (12.3oz/350g) – This handmade sofrito is the first step to an authentic paella. The tomatoes have been slow roasted in olive oil for over three hours, producing a flavorful shortcut to making paella in much less time. The sofrito can be added to the paella pan just prior to adding the rice and other ingredients.

1 – Seafood Paella Base/Stock (33.83 fl oz)- Aneto’s secret to its delicious paella bases is to select the highest quality meat, fish and vegetables, and simmer them over low heat for over 3 hours, adding just olive oil, sea salt and saffron. Unlike most cooking bases on the market, Aneto uses no concentrates or powders. Just add rice and chicken or fish for the perfect paella every time.

1 – Paella Rice by Matiz (2.2 lbs/1kg)- Grown in the rich soils of the national protected L’Albufera Park of Valencia, this short-grain rice make the perfect ingredient for paella, arroz negro and risotto. Their high absorption rates allows them to soak up and hold the abundance of flavors in all of your favorite rice dishes.

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  1. Keith L Evans (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I made two boxes and added two cans of drained octopus and one can of red clam sauce and a little can of peas. Every person love and it was the best Seafood Paella Rice I have ever eaten.

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