Marcona Fried Almonds by Matiz (4oz)



Product from Spain.

These Spanish, Salted Marcona Almonds are revered for their rich, nutty flavor. They are lightly fried in sunflower oil and given a dusting of sea salt.

These Salted Marcona Almonds pairs great with Manchego cheese!

Matiz’s Marcona Almonds are fried and salted skinless.

It is the chef’s choice in almonds. Marconas start out richer in flavor than any other almond on Earth. They are then fried in olive oil and salted to create a healthy and utterly addictive snack.

100% Natural Ingredients: Spanish Marcona Almonds, Olive Oil, Salt, NO-GMO


About Matiz España

Matiz España brings you the products from Spain. Paella rice, tinned seafood and more, produced by small independently owned companies.

Matiz España is a division of Culinary Collective and represents the best culinary fare that Spain has to offer.

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Packed by Artisanal Foods
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