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Raisins on the Vine

Raisins on the Vine by Mojave Gold (California)


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Mojave Gold’s Raisins on the Vine are picked at the peak of maturity, sun-ripened, and dried on the vine for richer flavor. Each cluster is carefully hand-clipped, hand-washed, and hand-packed to order. Each order is thoroughly inspected exceeding the highest USDA standards.

Raisins on the Vine are grown, picked, washed, and packed in the Mojave Desert where the unique climate allows for growing and drying on the vine of these special raisins.

The clusters can add elegance to cheese platters, desserts, fruit plates, paired with an excellent glass of wine, or served as high-energy snacks.

Try Raisins on the Vine with Soft Goat Cheese!

Mojave Gold’s owner and wholesaler, Don Kizirian, begins making a name for himself overseas, as he farms in the San Joaquin Valley and exports an ordinary variety of loose raisins to Japan.

Farming begins in Cadiz, CA, an unincorporated community in the heart of the Mojave Desert. The extreme climates and limited irrigation from underground ancient glacial water proved to be the perfect combination for raising red flame seedless grapes.

After buying four new ranches in the Cochella Valley, Mojave Gold finds its footing as Kizirian perfects techniques needed to grow, trim, and handle cluster raisins.

With farming underway and the Asia market booming, the interest in the US market is on the rise. Kizirian sees an opportunity and need to develop a more efficient method of growing and harvesting his crops.

The new plant opens on July 31st in Riverside County. Mojave Gold is recognized for helping develop the area as one the nation’s top 23 exporting regions, employing more than 40 residents, and increasing property tax revenues.

Mojave Gold Cluster raisins are no longer the best-kept secret of the Far East. Their popularity has spread nation-wide, showing up in many specialty food stores, wine and cheese bars, and even the Food Network. The future for these one-of-a-kind raisins on the stem is truly endless!

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