Pure Vanilla Extract Bourbon Premium (Madagascar) by Tahitian Gold – 4oz


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Made only from vanilla beans from Madagascar.

This Best Vanilla Extract is crafted by Manuata Martin and his brother of Tahitian Gold – true vanilla bean artisans – where Tahitian vanilla beans are preconditioned under a proprietary methodology, and then soaked in a solution of alcohol. After a prolonged period of time, the beans are replaced with fresh beans, and the process is then repeated four times – referred to in the industry as a four-fold extraction. The resulting product is a very potent natural extract that is easy to use.


About Vanilla Beans
Introduced to Europe in the 1520s, but not cultivated until 1841, vanilla beans grow on a type of orchid vine. There are two primary species. Tahitian vanilla (Vanilla tahitiensis) is native to Tahiti and also grown in Papua New Guinea. However, the majority of the world’s vanilla is the Madagascar vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) also known as Bourbon vanilla, which is native to Mexico.

Meanwhile, most vanilla flavoring found in a variety foods, such as ice cream is synthetic. The reason being, vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron because the growing of vanilla seed pods are very labor-intensive. However, nothing beats the natural distinctive flavor of an authentic vanilla bean.

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