Pumpkin Fruit Ketchup by ‘Chups – 8oz


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‘Chups is on a mission to diversify the tomato-dominated ketchup market.

Ketchup is defined by the vinegar and spice that makes it savory and tangy. Originating as a fish sauce in Asia, ketchup evolved over hundreds of years before it was ever made with tomatoes. The first record of ketchup in America appeared in the 1824 cookbook A Virginia Housewife, which included recipes for oyster and mushroom ‘catsups’. With a rich history of diversity why does the modern market only offer us the tomato variety?

‘Chups condiments are adding a new chapter to the ketchup story.

We blend vinegar, spices, and savory elements with fruits like cherries and pineapple, creating unique yet familiar flavors perfect for dipping, dressing, and marinating.

‘Chups ketchups offer a new range of culinary pairings beyond burgers and fries. Use them to glaze roasted meats, pair with fresh seafood, baste on roasted veggies, or spread on sandwiches.

We aim to bring this old food, rich with history, back to the forefront of America’s food culture. With our fruit varieties, we celebrate the flavor complexity of ketchup–tangy, savory, and sweet–as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Onions, Brown Sugar, White Vinegar, Cider Vinegar, Celery, Garlic, Agave Nectar, Salt, Spices.

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