Paella Rice by Matiz – 2.2lbs/1Kg


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Paella has become synonymous with Spain, for without the right rice, one cannot create a true paella!

Grown in the rich soils of the national protected L’Albufera Park of Valencia, this short-grain rice make the perfect ingredient for paella, arroz negro and risotto. Their high absorption rates allows them to soak up and hold the abundance of flavors in all of your favorite rice dishes.

To ensure freshness and the highest quality final product, our Matiz rices are packed in a sturdy cloth sack that allows the rice to breathe.


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  1. Adam Singfield (verified owner)

    Standard rice that brings combine lots of meal techniques. My rice maker simply takes one cup rice and two cups of water for best fluffy texture. I have not yet performed it but this rice obtains just the best constancy for sushi use. Depending on the measurement and your machine, water may need to be varied. Once you find that combination, it is best.

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