Oyster Flavored Sauce by Wok Mei 8oz (227g)


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An ‘All Natural’ Oyster Sauce? You bet!

No junk, just 100% natural ingredients. No MSG, no sodium benzoate, no gluten, no modified corn starch. We even use dried cane syrup rather than a refined sugar. What Wok Mei Oyster Sauce does have, however, is a rich, authentic Chinese Oyster Sauce flavor! Use it for all your Chinese cooking.

We use it as a base for all our stir-frying. It makes a great, rich and dark sauce in our wok. Use it as a start to discovering the wonderful, rich flavors of the orient.

Ingredients: Dried cane syrup, all-natural caramel color, salt, GMO-free unmodified corn starch, vinegar, maltodextrin, natural oyster extract. All Natural.

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