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Bonito del Norte Tuna Loin by Ortiz (Spain)


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Ortiz tuna is caught at their prime, as they feed on a run of anchovies over the Northern coast of Spain. When the fish are at their most plump, they are sustainably line-caught so that there is no over catch. Conventional fishing with nets normally only captures 10% of the desired fish. This Bonito del Norte Ortiz Tuna loin is hand-cut from the filet mignon, fitted to each jar, and topped with olive oil. Ortiz tuna is then canned or jarred at a lower and slower temperature than conventional supermarket tuna. The lower temperature means that Ortiz tuna always has a beautiful pink color when flaked apart. Bonito del Norte is a smaller tuna which poses no threat of mercury poisoning.

Suggestions: Delicious all by itself or as an hors d’oeuvre served on crackers or toast; we enjoy dressing an Ortiz tuna salad with Sumac and a Verjus vinaigrette.

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About Ortiz

Located in San Sebastian, Spain, near the French border, Ortiz produces some of the world’s finest packaged seafood. Committed to sustainable practices, they only purchase line-caught fish, so there’s no issue with over catch. Family owned and operated since the 1890s, Ortiz relies on its unique old-world methodologies, as many of the packers’ families have worked at Ortiz for three, even four generations. The factory is located only a moment from the central docks and seafood auction of San Sebastian. This allows Ortiz buyers to inspect the seafood each morning as the boats return to dock. They buy only the highest quality anchovies and tuna, which is then transported to the factory. At their facility, the tuna are blanched in hot water. This allows the team to gently remove the skin from the meat and the meat from the bones. All small pieces of tuna meat are sold as a less expensive but equally delicious product. We stock this in 3.5lb tins. Ventresca or Belly is packaged separately.

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