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Organic White Malabar Peppercorns (India) 1.5oz


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The Malabar region of India is known to produce high quality peppercorns. White peppercorns are fully mature berries that have been picked partially ripe and had their outer skin removed by soaking the berries in water for a number of days, then rubbing off the outer skins. The result is an Organic White Pepper with a soft earthy fragrance with a taste that is hot and creamy, but not pungent or aromatic, making it distinctive in aroma and flavor from that of the black pepper.

Suggestions: Organic White Pepper is preferred for cooking the foods of Northern and Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. White pepper is commonly used for sauces, soups, potatoes, and beverages. Try it preparing fish, grilled meat, or poultry, and in light-colored dishes. Mix it with black peppercorns for a broader range of spice. Try this on our Sea Bass by Veta La Palma of Spain because White Pepper is always better on seafood.


More About White Peppercorns
Most popular in Northern Europe, white pepper outsells black pepper by 10:1. In the US, simply reverse the ratio. Due to the extra processing involved, white pepper is slightly more expensive than black peppercorns from the same origin. The word pepper is derived from the Sanskrit ‘pippali,’ via the Latin ‘piper’ and Old English ‘pipor.’ The Latin word is also the source of German ‘pfeffer,’ French ‘poivre,’ and Dutch ‘peper,’ among other forms.

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