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Salt and Organic Spices by Omnivore (6oz)


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Angelo Garro is a blacksmith, a cook, a hunter, a forager, and one of the greatest minds of the traditionalist food movement. From the kitchens at Renaissance Forge, in San Francisco, comes his family’s secret recipe. Originally started as a Kickstarter campaign (with a video by Werner Hertzog), this is a blend of Organic Spices, fresh herbs, and sea salt, all local to California.

These Organic Spices will go great when seasoning Veal Marrow Bones.


About Omnivore

Omnivore was founded by Angelo Garro at the end of 2013, thanks to the enthusiastic support of thousands of Kickstarter contributors and the San Francisco food community.

Known for his role in Michael Pollan’s book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” Angelo is a master blacksmith by trade and a passionate hunter, forager, cook, and Slow Food icon.

While foraging as a child in Sicily, he learned the wonder of herbs like the wild fennel that grew around his childhood home, and spices like the chili peppers his grandmother hung to dry in her kitchen—when mixed with salt, they give character to any food and make cooking simple. This inspired the launch of their first product Omnivore Salt, a spiced salt blend defined by Alice Waters as “indispensable,” and drew them to experiment with new salt blends (Limone), hot sauces (Vulcano), and condiments (Sicilia).

They want to inspire a new relationship with food, and aim to transform a food category that is too often related to low nutritional value and highly processed, poor quality ingredients. Their seasonings and condiments, are Organically Certified, made in micro or small batches, and when possible, locally sourced—they are inspired by their grandmothers’ sensitivity and respect for nature’s bounty, not by food trends.

Their salt blends, Organic Spices, are made using only 100% organic, Fair Trade Certified, GMO FREE, OU Kosher, SQF, and HACCP Certified herbs and spices. Their salt is pure—NO flowing agents, minerals, or anti-caking agents are added—and their sauces are sugar free and made with 100% California produce.

Their mission is to craft seasoning and condiments that, with their incredible versatility, will replace the overwhelming choice on the supermarkets’ shelves. They believe that cooking should be rewarding and simple—all their blends will enhance the natural flavors of your dishes and are easy to use across any type of cuisine, by anyone—from the novel cook to the expert chef.

Omnivore is not only a food company, but a lifestyle. By sharing their culinary knowledge, we want to inspire people to cook more and to create community around the table.

They are a small-scale operation that they think of as a family: Omnivore is the three of them (Angelo, Veronica, Beth), and three small co-packers. Between them, and with the support of a large community of friends and foodies, they make everything happen from the Renaissance Forge, in San Francisco: marketing, sales, deliveries, and distribution.

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