Organic Fennel Seed

Organic Fennel Seed (India) – 5oz


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Fennel is a highly aromatic and flavorful herb that imparts a mild anise flavor which is customary in Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cooking, and some Italian and German salads. Organic Fennel Seed is often used with fish dishes and can be used in a curing mix for salmon or bluefish. In making authentic Italian sausage, fennel is the primary flavor ingredient. Used sparingly, ground fennel adds a mysterious element to a marinara or tomato sauce, which will go with any type of pasta.

This Organic Fennel Seed may be roasted prior to incorporation into seasoning blends to intensify their flavor. Use it to flavor fish, sausages, and baked goods. Mix ground fennel with olive oil for dipping bread.

Try it with Capers in salt for a Middle Eastern flavor.

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