Non-Caffeinated Tea

Three Flowers Celebration (1oz)



A blend of 3 select flowers – elegant, scarlet-red Rose buds, fresh White Chrysanthemum flowers, and fragrant Lavender flowers – to create a visually delightful and a highly aromatic beverage to be savoured and enjoyed.  It’s a perfect addition to a festive holiday table or to be enjoyed as a light, Non-Caffeinated Tea.

Three Flowers Celebration offers a soothing and naturally sweet cup and a lingering aftertaste that warms and relaxes. This tisane will compliment any food. Next time you make yourself a Three Flowers Celebration tea, try it with some Raw Desert Honey.

This Non-Caffeinated Tea, Three Flowers Celebration, offers a relaxing beverage anytime!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 cm
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