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Natural Olives

Natural Sahli Olives by Les Moulins Mahjoub (Tunisia) 130g

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Native to Tunisia, these small purplish black Sahli Natural Olives seem to melt in your mouth and have an incomparably rich, buttery flavor. Most black olives are picked green and darkened chemically. These Natural Olives, Sahli olives, are hand-picked when soft, ripe, and naturally dark. Then, they are placed in a brine of only sea salt and water to soak and cure for 9 months. With its pure clean flavor and pleasantly firm flesh, the Sahli olive is certainly a favorite among high-quality table olives.

We suggest pairing these Sahli Natural Olives with Merlot Cheese for a great pairing taste!


About Les Moulins Mahjoub 

The Les Moulins Mahjoub company has developed a range of quality products based on traditional old world food preservation techniques of the Mediterranean. Updated and scrupulously controlled, today’s production techniques use the same two natural allies as they did in the past: extra virgin olive oil and sea salt; of course one cannot overlook the vital rays of the sun. The brand’s spirit is also reflected in the extreme care taken with the visual aspect, the product’s beauty being guaranteed by the omnipresent hands of the men and women behind this entirely traditional production process.

Les Moulins Mahjoub products are distributed in the USA by Rogers International LLC.

Since 1993, Les Moulins Mahjoub has had a special relationship with Le Pain Quotidien, a chain of old-fashioned style bakeries with restaurant service, the brainchild of chef Alain Coumont.

With its specific taste, the fruit of preparation of the product in traditional fashion, Les Moulins Mahjoub’s Table opens the door on a world of delicious Mediterranean specialities. They can be eaten as they are or become choice ingredients and condiments in cooked dishes.

All the products in Les Moulins Mahjoub savoury range can be used in cold and warm salads.

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