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Masía el Altet Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Spain) 500ml


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Masia el Altet olives grow in a privileged place, in a valley surrounded by two majestic natural parks, La Sierra de Mariola and the Font Roja Natural Park, in the interior of the province of Alicante, in the Polop Valley, a very short distance from the Mediterranean. They grow at an altitude of more than 800 metres in clay soil. Altitude and soil, two of the fundamental aspects for the taste of this extra virgin olive oil to be unique and to stand out among the best brands of Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

And that is not all. Since time immemorial, the explosion of colours and aromas that impregnate the atmosphere, depending on the season, has been enriched by those of the olive. This tree, so Mediterranean but also well-established in this unique environment, has not only learned to acclimatize to the cold winters and warm summers that determine the climate of the area but has moreover, learnt to take advantage of the extensive range of temperatures on a daily basis to produce a higher presence of polyphenols in the extra virgin olive oils that Masia el Altet has been extracting from its fruits for many generations and which have resulted in their being catalogued as the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

And one very powerful reason among others for not finding another extra virgin olive oil with this taste is that it is produced from native varieties of olive. Sometimes, Picual, other times Changlot Real and on yet others, a blend of all to produce a surprising result which you could never have imagined. All these factors enable you to enjoy the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.

This cold extraction olive oil is a roller coaster ride for your palate! Masía el Altet Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great to use with stronger-flavored fish dishes, such as bacalao, or heavier fish, such as monkfish. If making a salad dressing, we recommend using Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar by Verrini Munari with the Masia el Altet.


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