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Maldon Salt is world renowned for its fine taste and hollow pyramid-shaped salt crystals, which are fragile enough to crumble easily between the fingers. Similar to kosher salt, but made from sea water, these gourmet flakes have none of the bitter after taste that some salts leave. Treasured by chefs the world over, they provide a freshness that enhances the flavor of all natural and fine foods. The Maldon Crystal Salt Company has been manufacturers and merchants of high quality salt since 1882.

Suggestions: Try Maldon Salt on steaks like these Piedmontese Beef Tomahawk Steaks, salads, or anywhere a salty crunch is desired.

From the Producer:
You could contend that Maldon Salt is really made by nature, with just a little helping hand from man to release it from the clutches of the environment. Certainly, the ‘process,’ if you can call it that, is about as natural as these things can be.

Seawater is filtered and boiled, which reassuringly, removes any impurities, and then it is heated until the salt crystallizes. If this sounds easy, there is an art in temperature and timing, and in particular, the traditional ‘drawing’ of the salt by hand from the pans, that confounds anyone without a salt maker’s skills.

The result, for those with the know-how, is the pure, white, crisp, clean crystals that can only be Maldon Salt.

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1 review for Maldon Sea Salt (England) – 3.3LB

  1. Hank Donovan (verified owner)

    Top standard flake salt that is extremely cost-friendly! My grocery store used to carry this and charge 3x price. The texture of the salt makes food flavor better matched to regular salt. Definitely great to taste on different steak.

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