Raw Desert Honey (Nevada) 12oz


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This raw Local Honey is gathered from the deserts and valleys of the Great Basin, more commonly referred to as the American Southwest. Bees ravenously feast on alfalfa, wildflowers, Yucca trees, Mesquite trees, cacti, and other indigenous flowering plant life and take it back to the hive. Once beekeepers retrieve the nectar, it is strained to remove any foreign matter, then poured into jars and containers, sealed and offered to you as Raw Desert Honey. This honey is as natural as it gets as there are no additives, and it only contains raw nectar, bee pollen, tree saps, and propolis, brought back to the hive by the bees. What’s more, this honey is not pasteurized – never boiled or overheated – thus preserving all of its beneficial qualities.

Suggestions: We like to pair this honey with Black Teas or nearly any cheese.


From the Producer:
Annsley Naturals Southwest began in 2005, as a result of my longtime friend, Richard Annsley recognizing the need for raw local honey in the Las Vegas, NV metropolitan area. I have continued his vision by supplying our community health food stores and restaurants with Wildflower Mojave Desert Honey and Bee Pollen. As a small family business, we purchase our honey and pollen in bulk from Mojave Desert bee farmers, most of whom have farmed for generations. Thank you so much for supporting our local honey, whether you live in the heart of Las Vegas or far away. Enjoy a taste of the Mojave Desert!


About Honey

Humans have enjoyed honey throughout history, even depicting its collection in Spanish cave drawings dating to 6,000 BCE. Honey has roughly the same sweetness and calories as common table sugar. However for most of history, honey was the most refined sugar our ancient ancestors could access. As hunter gatherers, most experts say we consumed around 3lbs of honey per year. Today, the average Western diet includes 160lbs of sugar per year. The pancreas evolved to produce insulin for diets containing around 3lbs of honey annually. Therefore, diabetes have become a new norm, where Western diets are consumed. It is best to avoid all processed sugar, and enjoy local honey, as the special treat it has always been!

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