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Kappa Texturas

Kappa (Gelification) by Texturas (400g)


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Kappa is a gelling agent extracted from types of red algae (Chondrus and Eucheuma genera), like other carrageenans (carbohydrates extracted from edible red seaweeds). For more than 600 years, carrageenans (derived from Carragheen, Ireland where these algae are in abundance) have been used to serve as a gelling agent. However, it wasn’t until the mid 20th century when carrageenans started to be produced as a gelling agent on an industrial scale. This Kappa Texturas produces a gel firm in texture though somewhat brittle and comes from Albert and Ferrán Andrià – highly praised creative chefs of the world-renowned El Bulli restaurant in Catalonia, Spain.

Suggestions: Use Kappa Texturas in a glaze on roasted Rabbit.


More About Kappa

A gelling agent extracted from a type of red algae (mainly from Chondrus and Eucheuma genera). It is a carrageenan, a name originating from Carragheen, Ireland, where these algae have been used for more than 600 years. In the mid 20th century, this “Irish moss” started to be produced industrially as a gelling agent. Kappa produces a gel with a firm, brittle texture.


  • Presented in a refined powder.
  • Mix while cold and bring to a boil.
  • Its rapid gelification allows us to cover an ingredient.
  • Once gelled, it can withstand temperatures of up to about 60°C.
  • In acidic mediums, it loses part of its gelling capacity.
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