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Ponzu by Yakami Orchards (Japan)


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Created as a liquid base and not a ponzu sauce, this Japanese Ponzu by Yakami Orchards is one of the few unfiltered ponzu on the market. It is 100% natural and boasts a tart, citrusy flavor derived from the unique properties of yuzu zest, yuzu juice, mirin, rice wine vinegar, kombu (seaweed), and bonito (tuna) shavings.

Use as a foundation for Takuko White Shoyu or Sashimi Tamari to create a delectable ponzu sauce for dipping, marinating, or as an ingredient in a recipe. Also works well as a dip for Nabemano (one pot dishes) such as your favorite shabu-shabu.

Make your own ponzu using a dashi that starts with Japanese Kombu.


About Yakami Orchards

Located in the Miyazaki region of Japan, Yakami Orchards consists of a family of growers (some being of fourth generation) upholding the traditions of producing quality citrus products. Cool ocean breezes give this region some of the world’s finest citrus, including yuzu, sudachi, and kabosu. The unique citrus is processed in small production batches, ensuring the quality and consistency of these delectable fruits. Whole fruit production is utilized, capturing the intense aromatic qualities of the zest and the clean, pure flavor of the juice.

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