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Kombu by Miyako (Japan) 3oz


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 Japanese Kombu (Laminaria japonica) is a seaweed with large flat leaves that is a key ingredient for dashi, a Japanese broth used in many recipes. Kombu has high amounts of natural glutamates, which are perceived as the taste Umami, or savory. On its own, Kombu is mild in flavor. However, when mixed with other ingredients, its natural glutamates unleash flavors inherent in those ingredients to yield a dish with multi-faceted richness.

A raw product, this particular Kombu has been dried without heat, theoretically preserving some of the natural enzymes. People with ancestry near oceans are born with an enzyme that allows them to digest seaweeds whether cooked or raw. People with landlocked ancestry do not have this enzyme. Therefore, choosing raw Kombu will provide the best digestion possible.

Try making this Japanese Kombu into sushi with Koshihikari Rice.

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