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Iota (Gelification) by Texturas (500g)


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Iota is a gelling agent extracted from types of red algae (Chondrus and Eucheuma genera), like other carrageenans (carbohydrates extracted from edible red seaweeds). These red algae are found on the coasts of the north Atlantic, as well as in the seas of the Philippines and Indonesia. Iota produces a soft, elastic gel and is ideal for making hot gelatins. This Iota Texturas comes from Albert and Ferrán Andrià – highly praised creative chefs of the world-renowned El Bulli restaurant in Catalonia, Spain.

Suggestions: With this Iota Texturas, make some chocolate covered cherries using cherry nectar instead of whole cherries. Use in your brine for meats that will be roasted or with one of our Drinking Vinegars to make a cocktail with vinegar textures.


More About Iota

A gelling agent extracted from a type of red algae (mainly from Chondrus and Eucheuma genera), like other carrageenans. They are found on the coasts of the north Atlantic, as well as in the Philippine and Indonesian seas. Iota has very specific characteristics and produces a soft, elastic gel. It can also be used to make hot gelatins


  • Presented in a refined powder.
  • It dissolves while cold and is heated to about 80°C for gelification.
  • A soft gel that does not form while the mixture is stirred.
  • If the gel breaks, it will reform if allowed to rest.
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