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Iberico Meat

Fermín Ibérico de Bellota Secreto (avg. 0.8lbs)


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This Iberico Meat piece is “hidden” between the shoulder, ribs, and fatback; for this reason, we call to this part: “secret.” The cut to get this piece must be very accurate in order to keep the exact amount of fat. This highly grained piece stands out for its wonderful flavor and texture. Secreto could be called a pork skirt steak due to its similar properties to beef skirt steak.

This day cured pork product is made from Iberico Pigs, the legendary breed of Pig from Spain.

Fermín is distinguished as being the first Spanish producer to pass USDA standards and bring this jewel to the U.S.

This Iberico Meat can be seasoned with Maldon Sea Salt.

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