Rare Hawaiian Honey 8oz


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The Rare Hawaiian Honey Company owes its existence to a single 1000 acre Kiawe forest on the dry side of the Island of Hawai’i. Kiawe (pronounced “kee ah’ vay”) is the Hawaiian name for a species of mesquite (Prosopis pallida) that is native to Ecuador ande Peru. They produce the world’s rarest gourmet honey from these special trees. Kiawe Hawaiian Honey is unique in that it naturally crystallizes into a very creamy, white honey, with a very delicate tropical flavor.

To produce comparable texture with other honey varieties, a machine must be used to grind the crystals; something they never do at the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company.

Not only is the Kiawe honey raw, but it is Certified 100% Organic by the International Certification Services, Inc.!

When adding this honey to your tea, try it with Heavenly Blue Peak Tea by Silk Road.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3 cm

Sunset Kiawe, White Kiawe, Lehua, Macadamia, Calamansi Cream, Ponoholo Ranch White

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