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Ground Vanilla Beans (Papua New Guinea) by Tahitian Gold – 0.5oz


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Manuata Martin, founder of Tahitian Gold, invented a revolutionary and proprietary process to produce a pure Ground Vanilla exploding with flavor. The beans are pulverized, rather than ground, to ensure no heat during the process; the fine vanilla powder is then packed into small wooden boxes where it cures for about two weeks. Throughout the maturing process, the flavor and aroma intensify.

Many chefs who try this product soon favor it over natural beans!

Suggestions: Mix this Ground Vanilla in with some Central Milling Organic Flour to make cookies.


About Vanilla Beans
Introduced to Europe in the 1520s, but not cultivated until 1841, vanilla beans grow on a type of orchid vine. There are two primary species: Tahitian vanilla (Vanilla tahitiensis), which is native to the island and also grown in Papua New Guinea; and Madagascar vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), more commonly known as Bourbon vanilla, which is the majority of the world’s vanilla and native to Mexico.

Meanwhile, most vanilla flavoring found in a variety foods, such as ice cream is synthetic. The reason being, vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron because growing the vanilla seed pods are very labor-intensive. However, nothing beats the natural distinctive flavor of an authentic vanilla bean.


About Tahitian Gold

“Tahitian Gold® is more than our name. It’s our “Gold Standard” – superior taste and quality that makes Tahitian Gold® the vanilla of choice for master chefs and culinary institutions, gourmet cooks and food connoisseurs. “It’s all about the Bean.”

Solid Gold Innovation: Our exclusive Ground Vanilla Beans are unique in the industry; developed over many years using our proprietary cryogenic process. Our exquisite Ground Vanilla preserves whole bean freshness and flavor in a way never before possible. It’s the key ingredient in our Sofi Award-Winning Tahitian Vanilla Sugar, Whole Vanilla Bean Paste, and Tahitian Vanilla Fleur de Sel.”

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