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 Geechie Boy Mill is the authority on heirloom corn and traditional American milling. Their flagship white, yellow, and now “Jimmy” red corn Grits are all superior quality to any other brands we have tasted. They operate a historic mill on their Edisto Island farm in South Carolina, where they source only the best old-variety open-pollinated corn and grind it in a way that preserves the natural oils, proteins, sugars, and starches.

We enjoy serving these simply with a garnish of butter or seared piece of Foie Gras.


From the Producer:

Raymond L. Tumbleston was known as the “Geechie Boy” on the sea islands where he continued the legacy of farming the rich soil of Edisto by growing, packing, and shipping tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, grains, and winter greens for over 40 years. He was dedicated to his Lord, family, community, and farming. They kept the “Geechie Boy” name for their business in honor of the “original” Raymond L. Tumbleston for all of the work that he did, not only for the community and conservation, but for all of the farming community state wide.

Greg Johnsman, producer of Geechie Boy Grits, was raised in a small town in the South Carolina Upstate where he met Jack Brock, a third-generation miller who taught Greg the process of milling grits the old-fashioned way. Greg was hooked. He discovered a 1945 mill and separator in Saluda owned by Lamar Berry. Mr Brock encouraged Greg to purchase and restore the mill and separator. Greg easily agreed to the stipulation that the mill must be on display for the public to see and never be sold again.

There’s something different about the Geechie Boy Farm. It feels homegrown, historic, and special. It’s a family operation without all the commercial bells and whistles. Greg and Betsy Johnsman have a passion for the land and for their products. Their expertise is evident in every bag of grits and in every crop of heirloom vegetables.

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2lb Yellow Grits, 2lb White Grits, 2lb Red Grits

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