Castelines Noir d’Olive Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml


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Domaine CastelaS revisits the age-old tradition of Provence to create Noir d’Olive. Produced from 4 varieties of olive, they are picked when fully ripe and stored in an oxygen free environment. Then, starts the delicate task of light fermentation to recreate the taste of preserved black olives from our ancestors’ stone-wheel mills. Achieving this distinctive taste without the associated drawbacks is a real art!


An opulent and velvety vintage, the 2019 harvest oil is rich with persistent aromas of cocoa, plum and of course black olive tapenade. This year’s “millésime” is as generous as you know it and as round as we love it!


Noir d’Olive is best used cold in garlic-seasoned salads, for making mayonnaise, and for drizzling on confits, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes.


 Salonenque, Aglandau, Grossane, Verdale
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