Freeze-Dried Green Peppercorns

Whole Freeze-Dried Green Peppercorns (1oz)


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Green peppercorns are the unripened fruit harvested from a flowering Piper nigrum vine and popularly used as a hot and pungent spice for flavoring a variety of dishes. All herbs and spices are best when ground fresh, and freeze-drying perfectly preserves the delicate flavors of these tasty green peppercorns. In the culinary world, it is rare to see how a modern form of preservation, in this case freeze-drying, can provide such a vast improvement to an ingredient so ancient; Freeze-Dried Green Peppercorns.

Suggestions: Try reconstituting Freeze-Dried Green Peppercorns in water, vinegar, or verjus to be used for pepper crusts. Soak in Verjus to rehydrate, then cover a steak for an original au poivre.

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