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Fizzy by Surprises (300g)


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Fizzy is a natural product with an effervescent effect. The long thick granules of Fizzy Texturas may be directly consumed in the usual way or dissolved in water. However, we also recommend a selection of less than typical uses. Fizzy has a neutral flavor with a hint of citric, which allows it to be combined with any number of flavors and ingredients. We have it available in 300g tubs. This Fizzy comes from Albert and Ferran Andrià – highly praised chefs of the world-renowned El Bulli restaurant in Catalonia, Spain.

Suggestions: Bathe these Fizzy Texturas whole in chocolate or caramel, or grind them into a powder and mix them with other ingredients, such as fruit or sorbets. Add it to sugar at 130°C, and it will foam up to make a bread-like loaf of sugar, to which you can add lime zest or balsamic and later cut into cubes for various uses. Add it with Vanilla to make vanilla sugar cubes.


About Surprises

Created to add textures of flavor, Surprises is a line of molecular products developed by Albert and Ferrán Andrià with the intention of consuming them directly, either on their own or mixed in preparation with other ingredients. When added to a recipe, these flavors and textures can be a fantastic surprise to both sweet and savory dishes. Each surprise has its own unique texture, whether effervescent (as used in Fizzy), light (as used in Malto), or crunchy (as used in Crumiel).

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