Fiery Garlic All I Oli by Matiz – 6.5oz/185g


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Over the last few years, our Matiz All i Oli has quietly formed its own little cult following. We definitely weren’t surprised, because this garlicky all i oli is a must-have condiment in Spain where they put it on everything from paella to potatoes to stews – kind of like how we use ketchup here in the U.S. The Spaniards aren’t afraid of strong flavors, especially when it comes to garlic. So when we put our heads together to figure out how to make this all i oli even better, we looked to Spain for the answer. All i oli with hot peppers and tomato is also known as “salsa brava” in Spain. Traditionally, this creamy, spicy sauce accompanies the classic Spanish dish “patatas bravas” which is simply cooked potatoes with this special sauce. For our Matiz Fiery All i Oli, we decided to focus on the spice alone, adding hot pimentón and cayenne to our original garlic spread to create something so incredibly addictive you’ll want to put it on everything from roast chicken to cold summer salads. Unlike other spreads, it is completely egg and gluten free so you can enjoy without worry (except for the thought that you might run out!)

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