Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms – 1 oz



Dried wood ear mushrooms is a type of jelly fungi that have the appearance of black trumpet mushrooms. Native to China, the fungus is also called cloud ear fungus, wood fungus, black mushrooms, and tree ear fungus.

They look thin and frail, curled tightly into itself. Wood ear mushrooms take their name from the fact that they grow on the sides of decaying trees. The broad, flat shape of the mushroom makes the tree look like it has ears.

They are crunchy and gelatinous and have a delicate forest aroma.  They are used in many Asian cooking, but most commonly in Chinese cooking. You have probably tasted wood ear mushrooms in the famous Chinese hot and sour soup.  They are known for its chewy-crunchy texture, but almost flavorless taste.  Often used in soups or in a stir-fry, the mushrooms will take on flavors from other ingredients when cooked and add texture to the dish.

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