Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Dragon Pearl Jasmine (2oz)


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First created in the mid-1600’s – not that long ago as far as tea goes, Dragon Pearl is among the finest of Jasmine teas. During the roasting process, fine whole green tea leaves are infused with the scent from fresh jasmine flowers, then hand-rolled by artisans into individual ‘pearls’ to lock in the delicate floral aroma. The result is a light-bodied sweet tea that is very aromatic; a Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea. Because the green tea flavor is more subtle, this Dragon Pearl is perceived as having a stronger jasmine flavor compared to the other Jasmine Teas. The most popular tea in Beijing, Jasmine Tea is often served as a welcoming gesture to guests, not only in China’s capital city, but throughout the entire country.

Suggestions: To make Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea, use water near boiling temperature to release the flavor of the pearls. To ‘wow’ your dinner guests, infuse these dragon pearls of jasmine in clear stemmed wine glasses and watch them unfurl. Finish it off with some Honey!

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