Christmas Lima Heirloom Beans by Chili Smith – 16oz


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Christmas Lima – Do Not Turn to Puree!

The original bean stock comes from the mountains of Peru and has been grown throughout Central America for hundreds of years These beans are BIG and seem to grow when cooked! The consistency of flesh remains the same through the entire bean and the flavor is amazing. That dark burgundy color seems to bring out a nutty flavor along with the Lima.
Use it in traditional Lima Bean recipes – it just will not break down like it’s green cousin. We like it in soups and as a main ingredient in all kinds of dishes where rice or pasta is sometimes used. They will stay fresh under refrigeration for several days – we like to drain all cooking water and store or finish in good quality, low sodium stock or base along with some organic veggies in nice, easy to cook, and healthy soup.
The bright colors of these beans make them a favorite in salads and as side dishes. Children love them in a little tomato base – or added to a prepared soup. As with all our heritage beans, these are very high in proteins and nutrition values – and very high fiber content.

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