Chocolate Covered Insects (11g)(Dried)

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Humans who consume insects – given their health benefits, as recently documented by the FAO. In fact, over 1,000 species of insects are known to be eaten in over 80% of the world’s nations. These folks know how to get their vitamins and lysine, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Thailand Unique believes that edible insects are the food of the future and aims to be part of this revolution. The products contain all the nutritional goodness of bugs without looking like them: for example soy-insect textured meat in ready meals, crackers, pasta, protein shakes and many more items in the development process.

Our food products are completely natural, organic and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colours. We are also working alongside professional chefs and nutritionists to help guarantee that the products we produce are of the highest quality and standard possible.

Other cool, creative, and unusual products from Thailand – and Asia – can be found on the site, including our own branded products such as scorpion vodka and whiskey.

Thailand Unique has come a long way since its humble beginnings offering a few lines of packaged bugs. Many new, exciting, and definitely unique food products will be rolling off our lines in the near future.

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