Chinese Truffles

Sliced Black Truffles by The Truffle Market – 8oz/220g


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Chinese Truffles

These Chinese Truffles, sliced truffles, are of the species Tuber Indicum, from the Himalayan region of Tibet in Western China. They grow in the moist earth of forests and have a mild flavor similar to shitake and porcini.

Suggestions: These truffles are a great value and work best with Truffle Oil or Truffle Butter to really boost their flavor!


About Chinese Truffles

Consumers simply need to be aware that Chinese black truffles (Tuber sinensis, Tuber indicum, and Tuber himalayensis) are a different variety of black truffles than the prized Perigord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum). In contrast, Perigord truffles, mostly harvested in France, start at $800 per pound wholesale; four times the price of the Chinese.


Our company began in 1998 as and focused on providing chefs and home gourmets with fresh truffles. We hope you enjoy one of our original specialties!

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