Caviar Gift/Sample Set of 3


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Enjoy our Caviar sample set, Comes with 3 different types of Caviar, Great as a gift for a loved one!

Caviars Included in sample set are:

White Sturgeon by Calvisius (1oz):  To start their Italian Caviar farm, Calvisius received their first Pacific White Sturgeon (A. transmontanus) from UC Davis in 1983. Though native to America’s Pacific Northwest, the world’s largest population of Pacific White Sturgeon now resides at Calvisius farms in Northern Italy, which has grown to become the largest caviar farm of any kind in the world. They produce around 24 tons of caviar annually, which is about 15% of world production outside of the Caspian countries.

Golden Osetra (1oz): Starting farming operations in Northern Israel with Caspian Oscietra brood stock (Ascipenser gueldenstaedtii), Caviar Galilee uses water from the Dan River, which flows into the Jordan, to produce a caviar with all the classic characteristics of wild-harvested Oscietra sturgeon. With a medium bead size and a color ranging from dark to golden brown, this Oscietra Caviar has a well-defined clean flavor with rich hints of hazelnut.

Beluga Hybrid (1oz): The large, well structured eggs carry the delicate, buttery and smooth flavor with a pleasant sweetened and a long finish. Color Ranges from light to dark gray with a glossy finish. Beluga Hybrid caviar is derived from Huso huso (Beluga) crossbred with Acipenser Naccarii (Adriatic) Sturgeon

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Suggestions: Serve atop Blinis, chilled potatoes, eggs, or simply by itself using a celebratory mother of pearl spoon.




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