Calamansi Vinegar

Calamansi Vinegar by Huilerie Beaujolaise (500ml)


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Calamansi Vinegar is made from the sour sweet citrus fruit of the Philippines. This hybrid of kumquat and mandarin orange is made into a powerful vinegar by the renowned Huilerie Beaujolaise in France.

Suggestions: Its great blend of sweet and sour also makes it a great shrub for cocktails. Try Calamansi Vinegar in a seafood salad dressing with Avocado Oil.

Calamansi Vinegar can be used wherever you would use lemon (but only in small quantities due to its strong taste): summer raw vegetable salads (carrots, for example), taboulé, hot or cold fish, shellfish, desserts (to add flavor to a dessert, to tone down the sweetness in a caramel dessert, etc.). Keep fresh and shake before use. (expect some sediment in the bottle)


About Huilerie Beaujolaise

In 1981, Nedda and Dario Montegottero, Jean-Marc’s parents, bought an old ironmongery. In the back room, they found an oil mill dating back to the 19th century that had not been used for seven years. Aged 18, after studying to be an agricultural technician, Jean-Marc decided to bring the workshop back to life. It was time to make the dream a reality. Dario, who was a mechanic by trade, began renovating the equipment and the building. Next came the matter of learning the trade: Jean-Marc called on the services of Gustave Pascal, an oil producer from Isère, to show him the ropes.

In January 1982, Jean-Marc set up a local seasonal business that revolved around made-to-order sales: i.e. locals from Beaujolais would bring their fruit to the mill and leave with oil.

In October 1987, the trade became a permanent fixture and they began selling to the first French chefs. It would take five years of work and perseverance for the quality of these virgin oils to be recognized. In fact, around this time, France was much more interested in industrial agriculture and finding the cheapest cooking oil. Therefore, the Huilerie Beaujolaise turned its sights to Germany, which had a greater interest in natural virgin oils.

Nowadays, Jean-Marc Montegottero strives to combine tradition with modernity. The Huilerie Beaujolaise is constantly adapting and pulls out all the stops to meet the needs of its customers, while still keeping up with the latest trends and offering custom services.

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What is the health benefits of calamansi vinegar?

It is a powerful source of Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that saves cell membrane, help wound healing, and skin regeneration. You can try it for yourself but better watch out how your system response to this practice.

How to make calamansi vinegar?

This special vinegar is made in France by Hilerie Beaujoulais. Extracted from a rare citrus fruit fromt he Philippines, the Calamansi bright, it is a mixture between a kumquat and a mandarin orange. The Calamansi has the sharpness of lemons combined with the charm of oranges, and an exciting odor that is just pretty.

What foods go with calamansi vinegar?

Can be used wherever you would use lemon (but just in little quantities due to its powerful flavor): summer raw vegetable salads, cold or hot fish, taboule, desserts,shellfish (to include taste to a desert, to town down the sugariness in a caramel dessert, etc). keep new and shake before use.

What is citron vinegar?

Citron vinegar is a mixture of cane sugar, spirit vinegar and Calamansi juice.

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