Pappardelle Pasta by Spinosi (Italy) – 8.8oz/250g


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Buy Pappardelle! When Artisanal Foods was tasked with finding the best pasta available, we searched long and hard until we decided on Spinosi di Campofilone. Egg pasta in Italy can have a minimum of 4 eggs per kilo of flour, but Spinosi more than doubles that at 10 eggs per kilo and using premium orange-red yolked “super eggs” from chickens fed a diet high in Omega-3 rich sunflower seeds. Also, like all great quality pastas, they use a brass extraction die and durum wheat semolina flour, much higher in protein and complex nutrients.

The Pappardelle style pasta is wide, flat noodles, named after the Italian verb meaning to gobble up!

Suggestions: When you Buy Pappardelle, enjoy with chunky toppings like San Marizano Tomatoes or Beef Bolognese. This pasta will also go great with Urbani Truffle Sauce.


About Spinosi

The Spinosi family makes award-winning pasta by mixing whole fresh eggs and durum wheat semolina.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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